NOVA putting breaks in DF election list

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Democratic Front DF will submit their representatives list in the beginning of next week, Pobjeda daily learns.

This political union announced earlier that they would be the first to submit the list, but according to reliable sources of Pobjeda daily, the list they agreed upon was re-assessed due to arguments within New Serbian Democracy.

Coalition “Ključ“ and Democrats lead by Aleksa Bečić are looking to get at the same voters body and they have already submitted their lists.

“After agreement with Democratic Serbian Party and communists, some shuffling happened on the list, which NOVA did not appreciate, so they put breaks in the agreement”, some sources from DF said to Pobjeda daily.


According to Pobjeda daily sources, the allotment between first 13 spots had NOVA with 5 mandates, Movement for Changes PZP 4, and Democratic People’s Party 3. Spot for the President of Workers’ Party Janko Vučinić was saved among the first ten.

Leader of the list will be Andrija Mandić, with Nebojša Medojević and Milan Knežević right behind him. The fourth spot belongs to NOVA and is sought out by President of Women’s Forum of NOVA Ljilja Đurašković and advisor to Andrija Mandić, Marina Jočić. Advisor to President of NOVA has more chances because Đurašković has recently resigned as MP, to the surprise of many.

Next three spots will be tight for NOVA officials. They are sought out by Vice Presidents Slaven Radunović, Strahinja Bulajić, Emilo Labudović and President of Executive Board Milutin Đukanović. The spot among the first twelve is sought out by Budimir Aleksić and Jovan Vučurovič as well.

Mandate is sought out by Radojica Zivković as well. However, their spots are compromised due to the need to have representative of DSS Dragica Perović and communist representative among first 20.

Vasiljević left out

Allocation in PzP is well known, and Medojević is followed by Branko Radulović, Branka Bošnjak and Koča Pavlović, who would fall right behind the 12th spot. President of board in Nikšić Veljko Vasiljević was left out of the list.

When it comes to DNP, Milan Knežević and Predrag Bulatović have secured mandates, while the third spot will be allotted to a woman. Vladislav Bojović was left out from the first 20.

Representative list needs to be comprised of one third woman representatives according to the law. DF agreement is to leave the possibility for parties to suggest non-party candidates and intellectuals.

Dobrosavljević actively participates in DF campaign

Vladimir Dobrosavljević, specialists for election campaigns and former member of Otpor, former colleague of Vojislav Koštunica, is actively taking part in DF campaign. He published photos with NOVA PR Jole Vučurović on his Facebook. Photos were taken in the party headquarters and during election rallies.

Dobrosavljević found himself in the eye of the public recently, when his name was mentioned in relation to last fall’s protests, as he was advisor to Andrija Mandić during that time. Dobrosavljević, close to Russian parties in Serbia, was arrested in Podgorica airport during the protests.

Protests revealed the true nature and character of Milo Đukanović’s rule. Faced with dramatic economic situation, social tensions, loss of privileged geopolitical position, he started to see that his time has passed internationally, Dobrosavljević said back then.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro