NOVA won’t meet with Stoltenberg

NOVA official Milutin Djukanovic has announced that representatives of the party will not meet with the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg, who arrives tomorrow for an official visit to Montenegro.

Apart from Montenegrin authorities, Stoltenberg, who will spend two days in Montenegro, will also meet with representatives of the opposition parties.

All the caucuses have been called and the leader of the Movement for Changes Nebojsa Medojevic said yesterday that the DF decision on possible meeting with Stoltenberg will be brought today.

An official of the New Serbian Democracy Milutin Djukanovic said briefly to ‘’Antena M’’ that his party will not participate in it. Other opposition parties, however, believe that the opportunity to talk with Stoltenberg and state their position should be taken.

Leader of Positive party Darko Pajovic told ‘’Antena M’’ that the refusal of political actors to meet with NATO Secretary General is incomprehensible and, as he said, unacceptable for them.

“First of all there is no dispute that these are the parties that are against NATO, but to refuse to communicate… I’m sorry, those are basic lessons in democracy. Not to talk with opponents or try to ignore them when they come to your house is for us only a confirmation of undemocratic capacity. I do not have another phrase because it is completely wrong to think that authorities could be further delegitimized in such a way. I have to say that in practice these and similar procedures actually only delegitimize themselves and absolutely strengthen the authorities. And that is this traditional problem of the part of the opposition, a completely wrong way. A totally wrong and undemocratic approach – the refusal to even talk with someone with whom you may not share the same political vision”, said Pajovic.

The head of the SNP parliamentary group Aleksandar Damjanovic said that opportunity should be taken.

“We should take advantage of this opportunity and on behalf of a large part of the public SNP representative should tell at least two things to Mr. Stoltenberg. SNP should tell its reasons for considering that Montenegro should not be a full member of NATO. And naturally, it should point out to the Secretary General that decision can only be made by the citizens of Montenegro in a fair and democratic referendum”, said Damjanovic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro