Now it will be clear who is in favor of NATO

Adoption of the resolution on NATO in the Parliament will be a good signal to the local and wider political public, while the debate on the document will show the relationship of the political forces in the country regarding Montenegro’s path to the Alliance, considered sources of the Portal RTCG.

Members of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants will vote tomorrow on the draft resolution on the support of NATO integration. Around 50 deputies already signed or is ready to support, the document, while the plenum should discuss it at a special session in mid-September.

Saying that the Montenegrin Democratic Union (CDU) supports the proposed resolution, its president Miodrag Vlahovic, said that the debate and vote on the document would be useful for all of us, because it would make clear what are the political constellations regarding that historic query for Montenegro “.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro