Now we know if Ivan finds it easier without Ranko, does Milo want SD to reach census

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Leader of SD list Ivan Brajović responded to your most original questions. In this article you can read whether he finds it easier to do politics without Ranko Krivokapić, does he think that Milo Đukanović wants SD to reach census and whether Railways of Montenegro ŽICG paid for the concert of Haris Džinović.

These are the first elections you will participate in as SD, without Ranko and the rest of SDP. Is this unfamiliar to you? Do you miss them or think everything would be easier if you were still together?

For the true idea of social democracy in Montenegro it would be easier if SDP did not start to wander due to personal ambitions and vanity.

But this wandering propelled us to create new party SD, in order to preserve the original idea of social democracy and offer necessary changes in our country’s development model.

SD found support with most social democrats, who have joined us. We do not think of the business of other parties, we consistently represent our program.

Do you think Đukanović wants SD to reach census and take three mandates from DPS?

Social democrats are leading a positive campaign and we pay no mind to other parties and their interests.

It is clear that no one will have absolute majority, and that would be bad for the state anyway. The most important question is not who will be the first or second, but what program platform will serve to form the new leadership that must be future oriented. Montenegro does not need new divides, it needs a strong vision of economic development. This will be the basis of our negotiation platform.

SD will be independent in these elections, because people have a clear program for economic development of our country. This time, coalitions will be formed around programs not positions.

Vote for SD is a vote for economic prosperity in Montenegro. We guarantee political and economic stability, with a different political culture.

What is SD economic program based on? You seem to be the only ones who insist on this issue.

The gist of our program is clear – we are offering concrete solutions for new employment opportunities, for a more just and social sharing, and for opportunities for the young people in Montenegro.

We want to create, not destruct, we want to attract and not repel investors. We want all of Montenegro to develop so we all reap benefits, not just some. This is the basis of a socialist market and our new model.

We are a modern party in the left and we are aware of it. Only a rich and developed country can be a country of social justice.

We know that Aida Hadžialić, Minister of Education in the Government of Sweden is from Foča, and we know she resigned in this function after she was caught drunk driving. Are you an exemplary European politician as you did not resign after several million euro affairs were attached to your name, not to mention Ramada affair?

In SD we are responsible and serious, and we always paid mind to Montenegro’s best interests.

I am not involved in any affairs. You mention Ramada.. I only heard of it when Damir Šehović told me of this attempt of political manipulation. We pressed charges against those who tried to blackmail us.

Attempts to attach affairs to our name are shots in the dark because people recognize us as responsible and dedicated.

Along with parliamentary elections, there are local ones in Budva, Kotor, Andrijevic and Gusinje. Do you expect to be a part of the leadership in those cities as you are in Tivat?

We have clear and concrete solutions for each of these cities and our lists feature serious people capable of implementing our economic agenda. Atmosphere in these cities is phenomenal and we expect good results that will enable us to take part in the leadership because that is the only guarantee of fast development of these cities.

Was Haris Džinović’s concert paid by ŽICG?


The fact is that people from your party took responsibility for implementation of some capital projects.. Do you see this as an advantage?

Yes, this is an advantage. Our people lead some of the most important projects that are transforming Montenegro into a modern country and this demonstrates that our people are responsible and experts with a lot of experience.

Aside from experience, we can clearly examine our success, our mistakes and lost opportunities. Based on our experience we developed the model of economic development.

Who has more bots, you or Positive?

We do not have any bots, we back our words with our names. We do not see any point in this practice because we believe citizens can recognize those who are trustworthy.

Mr Brajović, when will Montenegrin people be able to enter their occupied holy places? Do you know any countries like Montenegro that was occupied by Serbian Orthodox Church? 95% of Cetinje people never visit Monastery of Cetinje.

SD is dedicated to respecting freedoms, rights and dignity of citizens regardless of their nationality or religion. We want every religious institution to be open to all citizens, and if you are asking me when do we want this, the answer is right now.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro