Now we know whether Lekic supports marijuana legalisation, what he would feed trolls and shrills with, which national team he supports and if he is a candidate for prime minister!

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The first candidate of the Key coalition electoral register Miodrag Lekic answered ten questions that readers asked and CDM found most interesting. Among other things, you can read in this article whether Lekic supports marijuana and prostitution legalisation, whom he sees as a future prime minister, what sandwiches he would made to the Internet trolls and shrills, why he did not vote in 2006 referendum and which national team he supports when Montenegro plays against Serbia.

These are your questions and all Lekic’s answers:

If you were part of the government, would you legalise prostitution and marijuana?

When it comes to values, in the widest sense of that term, I advocate a tradition and modernity fusion in Montenegro. And there should be a balance – I mean we should avoid extremes. On the one hand, we should not be trapped by some negative sides of traditions that hinder progress. On the other side, we should not suddenly jump into excessive modernity either, ie in a bad imitation of other communities risking various degenerations.

I do not believe that in this moment of deep society crisis, at the time of the collapse of all values, we should add legalising prostitution and marijuana to the agenda.

If you get into power, what sandwiches would you bring to us, people who post comments on Internet portals?

There are Internet trolls and shrills. When they represent the voice of freedom, spread useful, humorous and critical comments and in some way represent spontaneous vox populi, I’d bring them the best sandwiches. When they turned into paid trolls hired for political purpose and tabloid operations, when lack of decency and vulgarity are hiding behind anonymity, then I would bring nothing.

If you are part of a new government with the rest of the opposition, which position would you be in or who you see as a future prime minister?

The prime minister would be elected in a democratic way and I do not know his name in this moment. In any case, that would be a figure with personal and professional authority, a decent person who perceives politics as an activity performed for the common good.

I was not thinking about the post I would be in.

Are you prepared, as the head of the strongest opposition group, for a TV duel with Milo Djukanovic?

I announced that challenge a long time ago. In democratic societies, the willingness of the public TV dialogue represents a duty for actors on the political scene. It particularly refers to the highest ranking government and opposition officials, including prime minister. The problem is that Djukanovic, as an alienated, uncontrolled, authoritarian personality, avoids such democratic debates. I understand that he feels more comfortable when he is surrounded by political and media poltroons, but then we can no longer talk about a democratic society and a mature public.

Have your ratings increased or declined after DPS president said he would carry the Key coalition’s voters on his back if you win over 15% support?

The ratings certainly increased because of this frivolous, pretty uncouth statement which is unfit for a statesman. Of course, it also has a political purpose – to escape a serious public dialogue, arguments and results achieved.

If you declare to be a Montenegrin, why were you not here the most important day for Montenegro, 21 May 2006? The answer that you have not been able to come will not be accepted.

Today, a lot of Montenegrins, including many in the ruling party and even their current leader, who used to declare to be Serbs, voted by great majority against Montenegro’s independence in the referendum in 1991. Then, with somewhat lower majority, they voted for independence in 2006.

I did not vote on either of the two referendums, although you do not ask me about the former one which was also directed by DPS… In both cases I was abroad and had work obligations there.

Noting that the criminal-mafia structures were significantly involved in organising the referendum and Montenegrin future in 2006, with the aim to hide their delinquent essence and create Montenegro as a private state, I admit I had no enthusiasm to be in the company of such people.

I do not think that declaring Montenegro as a sovereign state had to go along with the crime. The idea of ​​an independent Montenegro is too large to be unnecessarily tarnished.

Are you going to wait for election results in front of the Parliament? Will you call on supporters to cause chaos and disorder if you are defeated?

To be honest I do not plan any chaos. I want to believe that these elections could be mostly regular for the first time. In such elections, let the candidates elected by the people win. On the other hand, we do not have the right to remain silent if electoral irregularities are repeated.

Are you going to withdraw from politics if you fail to achieve the expected elections result once again?

I had no right to withdraw if others committed fraud stole on the presidential election, if others, in the context of the Snimak (Audio Records) affair or by direct political corruption, annulled opposition victory in Niksic and Podgorica or rescued Djukanovic’s government from deserved fall in the Parliament.

I have no reason to do that either due to the fact that Demos, the party I founded a year and a half ago, became a respectable political entity in Montenegro in a short time.

In the case of a defeat in democratic conditions, certainly political responsibility should be held, including withdrawal from politics. That’s what I am always ready for. By the way, it would be pretty easy for me to do that bearing in mind my interests in the areas outside daily politics.

What do you think about the current Montenegro’s foreign policy and would you change something?

I advocate for both realistic and principled foreign policy in the interest of Montenegrin citizens and in line with their will. The world is in a great turmoil. In this world, Montenegro should not act blindly, allowing others to lead it.

In short, we need to continue European integration as a priority, but without faking reality with adopting norms, which is currently the case here. We should rather build a reality according to democratic European standards.

On the other hand, we should maintain realistic and balanced relations with major powers – the United States, Russia and China.

When Montenegrin national team plays against Serbian team (in any sport), which one you supports? (No diplomatic answers and claiming that it does not matter)

Very shortly and precisely – I support Montenegrin team.

I support national teams of Serbia and other ex Yugoslav republics when they play against other rivals.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro