Now we know whether Milo made a fortune, whether everyone is a traitor except for him, and who his most challenging opponent was!

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The first candidate on DPS electoral register Milo Djukanovic answered readers’ most interesting questions. Find out what the PM respond to your questions how he made his fortune, whether everyone in Montenegro is a traitor and only he is a patriot and why Slobodan Milosevic was his most challenging and most serious opponent.

Are you aware that DPS is only an average party without you? How do you see the political scene in Montenegro without you?

I do not agree with that assessment, although I have heard it many times. It comes from our competitors who perceive reality wrongly as usual. The quality and political offer of a party which lasts as DPS cannot depend on one person, even if that person is its president. During the last 25 years, DPS was changing, developing and building the organisational and personnel infrastructure, so that all our achievements are the result of a committed teamwork. The superiority of our party over the competition is also proved by the fact that our voters have continuously supported us for two and a half decades. There are concrete results behind us which malicious people could not deny.

I’d like to see more serious competition on the political scene, which would further motivate DPS to continuously improve itself and remove its weaknesses.

I’m 29 years old, have a university degree, passed the state exam. I have several years of experience and speak English very well… I applied several times for vacancies advertised by the Human Resources Administration and I managed to be the first ranked candidate. However, since I’m not a member of any party, I am still registered at the Employment Agency, ie unemployed. I wonder what Mr. Djukanovic thinks about this and where I can find a motive not to leave Montenegro, even though I voted for its independence in the referendum.

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on an individual case, because the question does not contain enough information. But, given that you have intrigued me saying that you did not get a chance even thou you were the first ranked candidate by the Human Resources Administration, I will seek accurate information and inform you. It should not happen that the fact that you a not any party member may annul your competitiveness for doing the job advertised.

The unemployment in Montenegro is inherited as part of country’s historical backwardness in economic development and it is one of the priorities which the government is fully committed to. Unfortunately, this is a problem most countries are facing with, including the most developed ones, particularly in the last 7-8 years of the devastating economic crisis in Europe. All of our efforts in economic policy are directed towards creating more and better jobs, while trying through education reform to prepare young people to respond adequately to the complex requirements of the modern labour market.

On two referendums (1992 and 2006), you advocated for two different options – first for the state union with Serbia and then for the independent Montenegro. In both cases, you labelled your opponents as traitors. And today, when proven independents do not think like you, you are labelling them as traitors and Chetniks. Do you have any opponents who are not traitors, or we’re all traitors and you are the only patriot?

Exactly. And I was right both times. In 1992, the idea of ​​independence had no chance to win in the referendum. It could only be a trigger to another, perhaps the bloodiest of the wars in the former Yugoslavia. Particularly bearing in mind the internal divisions and political passions in Montenegro regarding this issue. We should know that it is not enough to have a good idea and I hope that we know that today, precisely because of the experience gained in 2006. It is necessary to determine the optimum time for its implementation. If you miss the time, you will waste even the best idea. So, had we organised a referendum on independence at any time before 2006 (say in 2001 when the independents gathered around then LSCG and SDP were angry because of the Belgrade Agreement) the idea of ​​independence would be permanently wasted. In 1992, it was definitely bad time for organising the referendum because there were strong emotions about Yugoslavia in Montenegro. And from that time, until 2006, the majority sentiment for independence restoration was being built. I still think that it was thought-out and the only right way.

Of course I do not tend to have a monopoly on patriotism and I do not question the sincerity of the political beliefs of voters who considered the ideas they supported as superior for themselves or for Montenegro. Not. It’s not about these people. But you certainly don’t think that we should silently tolerate the obvious activities of leaders of some opposition parties, who brutally attack their own country for someone else’s interest sake. Let us recall tearing the Constitution in the Parliament, humiliating the national anthem, trying to burst into the Parliament and now more or less clear trying to deter Montenegro from its European and Euro-Atlantic future. Again, for someone else’s interest, paid by someone else’s money and with public support coming from the sponsor state officials. Do you think it is labelled differently elsewhere?! Do you think that is democracy?!

We celebrated 10th anniversary of independence restoring. Where do you see Montenegro in ten years?

I see it as a country with European standards. I see it as a state of strong and professional institutions. As the most dynamic economy of the region in which investments in infrastructure, energy production and process and food industries will be implemented. I think that in ten years, Montenegro will certainly be one of the most prestigious tourist destinations in Europe, which is easily accessible thanks to good road infrastructure, modern airports and modernised railways.

I see it as an EU and NATO member state in which unemployment is reduced to a symbolic level, living standard is similar to the one in other members of the European families.

Do you think that Svetozar Marovic is the only one who abused his office has misused his position? If not, when you believe others will be brought to justice?

Criminal responsibility in Montenegro – the country of growing rule of law – is established by the judicial authorities in the relevant proceedings.

The case that you mentioned has shown that we have managed to build operational and independent institutions, and that they are free from political influence. Finally – this is the best indicator that all are equal before the law in our country. Accordingly, there are no privileged people. When someone who has committed a crime will be brought to justice does not depend on PM’s beliefs and positions, but on competent authorities’ activities.

You have been engaged in politics for more than two decades. Who was your toughest political opponent and why?

If I talk about political figures, it was certainly Slobodan Milosevic. The most challenging and the most serious one. Generally, the biggest opponent of the policy that I represent is the division of Montenegrin society as a result of decades-long oppression of Montenegrin identity and Montenegrin national interests. Taking care of Slav brothers’ interests while completely ignoring our national interests, has been imposed to Montenegrins for a long time. That struggle and clarification were actually the most painstaking things. We confirmed on 21 May 2006 that we have largely succeeded in that. However, as we see in the election campaign these days, anti-Montenegrin remnants are still active. Although we won ten years ago, they warn us again that we must continue to be cautious and ready to defend our right to decide about our future on our own.

Do you plan to explain to us how you made your fortune?

If you believe that the essential values represent a fortune – then I can say that I am a rich man. When it comes to material wealth, my political opponents fabricated that claim as well as many other allegations. The claim was launched by the Markovic–Milosevic couple and later it was repeated by their ideological followers. And it always becomes topical when someone wants to compromise not so much myself, but the politics that I represent.

SDP President Ranko Krivokapic claims that he would beat you in basketball. What do you think who would win?

Basketball is not the only area in which the SDP president has unrealistic ambitions. I play basketball with friends. So, possibility to meet him on the sports field is ruled out.

What do you think about the future of CDM, the Portal Analitika, Dnevne Novine newspaper, PinkM TV, Pobjeda newspaper and similar regime media after your defeat in the elections on Sunday? Will those media outlets work on Monday?

I think your question is impossible to answer, since it is based on wrong assumptions: those media outlets are not “regime” ones and DPS will not be defeated in the elections.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro