Now we know: Why Darko says he’s not Ranko, did he trick voters, what will he play on the night of the election

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The leader of Positive Montenegro, Darko Pajović, promised to answer ten of the most interesting readers’ questions. Read what he said.

Why did you cheat me, your ex voter, by supporting the DPS?

Thank you for this question, which I find crucial in order to address many falsehoods that have been spread about our political party.

Positive Montenegro did not vote for DPS. We voted against the retrograde tendencies of political structures which, due to their hatred toward one party, wanted to collapse the entire country. That day, we were faced with a choice: vote for a government which, for the first time in its history, includes the opposition in its ranks, or vote for DF, Demos or SDP, which has defended the DPS for decades. Unlike others, who in these situations flee the parliament, we had the courage to vote for the state and the government that would include the opposition. We did it so that we could create a trustworthy election on October 16, where you will have the opportunity to vote.

Did we sacrifice a portion of our voters, knowing they won’t understand? We did. But unlike other political parties, we chose the country. I am truly sorry if you feel disappointed, but trust that you will quickly realize that we are doing exactly what we promised – acting and voting in the interest of the state, without fear and without hesitation.

How do you feel when they brand you a traitor, when you actually saved your country?

You cannot feel bad when you are sure that you are doing the right thing.

My job is to do good and what I believe in. Not everyone will like it, but this is what drives me. Positive Montenegro is the voice of the civil state, of brave people and those who are willing to stand up to all the wrong decisions. In the past four years, everyone tried to destroy us, from DPS to Misko Perović’s parties. Can you imagine trying to indulge them all, so that no one hates us? I’m more worried about whether a decision is good for the country, in the long run, than whether individual politicians or passionate individuals will like it. Our voters like our decisions, and this is enough for now. Intellectuals like them, and all civic-minded voters who are devoid of hatred.

Have you even considered saying NO on January 27th?

All options were discussed. Had the opposition not been promised to enter government, we wouldn’t have voted. Do you think Đukanović just thought of it, offered it on his own? Don’t be naïve. Neither would the Greek investor agree to pay additional 50 million in investment, if we hadn’t made him. Was it a bad ultimatum? Was it bad for the country? We all know that it wasn’t.

Is it true that you have 5 percent of support?

I don’t know. No one knows exactly what percentage of support they currently have. And also, regardless of what you may or may not have, this can all change on the election day.

This is not about percentage, this is about the composition of government after the elections. One option is that DPS gets absolute power. Another option is that DPS has absolute power, but under control of the Positive party. This is the only dilemma of the election. We say DPS having absolute power is bad for citizens and bad for the country. We are asking that open-minded people support us, to make the next government more democratic, by putting it under civil control. But I will tell you – Darko is not Ranko, and I won’t blackmail anyone! If we make a deal, we will honor it, because we keep our word. But absolute power is not good, no matter in whose hands, and it’s important that everyone understands this.

What will be your comment if you do not cross the threshold?

We will meet the census. Everyone knows this, especially those spreading rumors that we won’t. They wouldn’t be spreading lies if they didn’t need to. Everyone wants our voters, because it’s clear that they are people who vote rational ideas, decisions that make sense. These are influential and independent people. And they are the hardest to get. Their opinion is not dependent on the attitudes of their families, colleagues, bosses and the like.

Is it true that you play the piano and rock the accordion? And what will you play on the night of the election?

I don’t play the piano, but I wish many more people in this country did. It’s true that I “rock” at everything I do, and on the 16th, I will be playing the anthem of our campaign: Zemljo moja (My country).

Are you considering diplomacy after October 16th? The preferred destination?

I don’t think about diplomacy, I believe that I can do much more and help Montenegro from here.

Does Positive Montenegro support the legalization of marijuana?

Today, no.. We have more important things that need attention. In the future, we can talk about it.

What is your advantage over other political parties?

The biggest advantage is that we have made a substantial political change after 27 years. Initiating a political agreement between the government and the opposition prevented the political crisis. We have enabled the opposition to become part of the government and to execute changes. Our advantage is also the fact that we want a serious economic turnaround. Simply put, only those in power can make changes. You need power in order to make changes a reality.

Which changes do we need?

We need positive change and economic prosperity. To achieve this, we need a government of prosperity, not a government of continuity. The state must play a more active role, and not only rely on free markets and foreign investment. With our program, we anticipate a reduction in unemployment below nine percent by 2020. To achieve this, the state must use its resources. I think that no one can more successfully encourage the development of small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurship and small family businesses than the government itself. We cannot go forward unless we bring back the principles of solidarity and social justice. Frankly, we are not offering anything that does not already exist in the developed world.

Your questions will tomorrow be sent to Ranko Krivokapic and his campaign “Drzava svima” (Country for all), who will answer them from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro