Nuhodžić: NSA must increase its transparency

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There is certain mystification of the activities of the National Security Agency, which creates distrust in its work, which is why it is necessary to increase the transparency of this security institution, said in an interview with Pobjeda daily the chairman of the Committee on Security and Defense, Mevludin Nuhodžić.

“I believe that increasing transparency, of course with the natural balance of needed secrecy, will help increase control of the public opinion over the intelligence department”, said Nuhodžić.

Center for Democratic Transition (CDT) earlier submitted to the NSA a recommendation that the Agency adopts a strategy of communication with the public, aimed at improving the safety culture in Montenegro. Nuhodžić agreed this was a valuable recommendation.

“I think that by increasing the knowledge of citizens and other subjects on its immediate role in preserving security, the NSA would in fact increase confidence in its work. This is seen in examples of good practice in Europe, which show that many intelligence agencies organize special campaigns and educational programs for citizens, with a view to national security culture”, said Nuhodžić.

In addition to the conclusion that relates to increasing transparency in the work of the NSA, the Committee for Security and Defense noted that it is necessary to continue to collect data on the activities of criminal groups from Montenegro with transnational activity, with special emphasis on groups identified as perpetrators of serious crimes and those highly dangerous for the society.

The Committee also said timely planning of funds is of vital importance, referring to the need to continue improving its information-technical systems, so that it could counter modern security challenges, such as cyber-crime.

The phenomenon of Islamic radicalism

In order to monitor security in relation to the phenomenon of Islamic extremism and radicalism, the Committee called for the continuation of operations regarding monitoring of individuals and groups identified in this context, collection of data and achieving the required level of inter-institutional, regional cooperation and partnership.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro