Numanovic and Vlahovic with Ebadi: Human rights have always been a priority Montenegro

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The Minister of Science Sanja Vlahovic and the Minister of Human and Minority Rights Suad Numanovic met today with Shirin Ebadi, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and a human rights activist. They assessed that Montenegro highly appreciated of minority rights and put human rights issue on the list of their priorities.

Numanovic and Vlahovic pointed out that Montenegro was recognised the Western Balkans country in which a lot of attention was paid to human rights issue and which achieved the best results in that field.

“The statistics is barely needed to prove that. In addition, during the war in former Yugoslavia, Montenegro was the island of peace and provided a shelter to all refugees who left their homes. It did the same thing after the conflict in Kosovo, opening its borders so that refugees made a quarter of its population at one point”, the minister emphasised.

According to Ebadi, Montenegro can be a role model for more developed systems and countries.

“The biggest breaks in my life were my greatest victories, and now, it seems to me that I am fighting for human rights stronger than ever, trying to give an example to younger generations”, said the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro