Number of Alchoholics Causes Concern in Montenegro

27 Feb 15

Number of Alchoholics Causes Concern in Montenegro

Health ministry data suggest about 5 per cent of the population of Montenegro have a problem with the strong stuff – far more than was suggested in a WHO report three years ago.

Dusica Tomovic


Latest data on alchohol addiction from the Montenegrin Ministry of Health on Wednesday showed 30,000 registered alcoholics in the country, about 5 per cent of the total population. Around 120,000 people in total were affected by alcohol abuse, the ministry noted.

The Deputy Minister of Health, Mensur Grbovic, said that although Montenegro was a small country, the prevalence of alcohol induced disorders was “not so small.

“Alcoholism is the most common addictive disease in Montenegro,” Grbovic said.

The latest figures came as a shock because a 2012 World Health Organization report said only about 2 per cent of the populaton of Montenegro had addiction problems, which is about 13,000 people.

The latest data suggest Montenegro is a world beater in terms of alcohol addiction and in terms of the amount of booze consumed annually per adult – 12.8 litres per person. Average global consumption is around 7 litres per person aged 15 or older.

The health authorities have warned about the lack of hospital capacity for the treatment of people with alcohol disorders.

The only psychiatric hospital in the country, in the town of Kotor, has only 12 beds set aside for the treatment of alcoholism.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)