Obama congratulated July 13th to Vujanović: Remarkable progress

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President of United States of America Barack Obama congratulated President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović July 13th, National Day.

“I want to express warmest wishes to Montenegrin people, in my name and in the name of American people. In only ten years since regaining independence, Montenegro has made remarkable progress. Montenegro participated in NATO Summit in Warsaw, and is on the way to become an important partner in NATO and a factor of stability in the region. We remain dedicated in supporting Montenegro on its EU path”, the statement reads.

US are thankful to Montenegro on its contribution to global safety, including sending Montenegrin soldiers to Afghanistan to stand shoulder to shoulder with American soldiers.

“We appreciate Montenegro’s membership in Coalition against ISIL and partnership in counter terrorism efforts. We want to affirm our strong friendship and congratulate Montenegro on this occasion”, the statement reads.

Congratulations were sent by President of Turkey Erdogan, President of Azerbaijan Alijev, King of Jordan Abdulah II, King of Spain Felipe, King of Malaysia Badlishah, President of Romania Johanis, President of Letonia Vejonis and President of Lithuania Gribiskaite.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro