Obama to Vujanovic: We take care of each other

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The United States is aware that what connects them as a nation, also unites them with allies, US President Barack Obama told his Montenegrin counterpart Filip Vujanovic in response to the greeting that Vujanovic had sent on the occasion of July 4, the US Independence Day.

“Thank you for your kind letter of congratulations on the occasion of 240th anniversary of the Independence of the United States. As we celebrate, we are increasingly aware that what connects us as a nation also unites us with our allies and friends around the world – and that is the fact that regardless of our differences, we take care of each other”, Obama said.

He added that the US based on fundamental freedoms, including pluralism, rule of law and civil liberties.

“Those who shaped our country also understood the value of the annual celebration of this day and thinking about its character and renewing our commitment to democratic values. We can look back at the recent and distant past and to remember that optimism is powerful, that progress is possible and that perseverance is crucial in achieving our goals. The people of the United States of America is with you, because all of us continue to work on a brighter future”, Obama said in his response.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro