Obstruction: Danilovic prevented control in the Interior Ministry

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Interior Minister, Goran Danilovic, prevented today the investigator of the Agency for Protection of Personal Data and the Free Access to Information to perform his duty and control of the Interior Ministry, said the president of the Agency’s Council, Muhamed Gjokaj.

Gjokaj said Minister Danilovic did this to prevent the Agnecy from determining whther the ministry, under his madate, processed personal data in a legal manner, as guaranteed by the Constitution, noting that the Parliament of Montenegro formed the Agency to protect this citizens’ right to privacy.

He also added that the Administrative Court of Montenegro is the only entity authorized to prevent the Agency from doing its job, in case its methord were in question for any reason.

“A minister cannot prevent the Agency in the exercise of its statutory powers. Minister Danilovic will be held accountable for this obstruction”, said Gjokaj.

Allegedly, what triggered Agency’s control was Danilović’s decision to authorize members of the Coordinating Team for monitoring the elections to have access to the voters’ list.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro