Offenses thrown in the Parliament: Vučinić said he does not remember his words to Stanišić!

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The Parliament of Montenegro was once again a scene of a verbal fight between representatives of DPS and DF. It all happened during a break, so the citizens at home missed out on a live stream of yet another scandalous session in the Parliament.

The hour after the incident, DF representative Janko Vučinić, who supposedly offended Obrad Mišo Stanišić and his mother, said to CdM that he does not remember his exact words.

“I cannot recall the details. It was impulsive. We are only flesh and blood and we cannot tolerate nonsense from DPS”, Vučinić said to CdM.

Stanišić confirmed that Vučinić and Branko Radulović offended him, but he did not want to repeat the exact words.

“Media are now reporting on things that have and have not been said. It hurt me, but I do not wish to fight back”, Stanišić said.

Physical altercation was prevented by other representatives and security, but Stanišić said that he did not need anyone to calm him down.

“I did not make moves towards anyone. But I welcome them all”, Stanišić said.

He said he knows why DF got upset.

“I know that it hurt them when I said that they put on the masks during protests”, Stanišić said.

Vučinić said this is, in fact, what made him upset.

“It is a lie. Obrad Mišo Stanišić is not a representative but a provocateur and it cannot be tolerated anymore”, Vučinić said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro