Offer accepted, Czechs are taking Metalac

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The bankruptcy management of the Montavar Metalac company accepted the offer of the Czech company Termochem to buy assets of the Niksic factory for 330.000 euros, learns Dnevne Novine daily.

Offer made by Czechs, although significantly lesser than the minimum asking price of 9.95 million, has been accepted as the best bid. Representatives of the Czech company have pledged to start production in September (steel structures, machine parts and assemblies), as well as to settle all claims of workers recognized in bankruptcy and determined in civil proceedings, by the end of this year.

“The bidder will make an effort to recruit most of the former employees of Montavar Metalac, who meet professional and moral criteria and demonstrate willingness and readiness to re-engage in production”, the offer reads.

Bankruptcy was introduced early last year.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro