Ognjen drowned, no traces of violence, funeral tomorrow

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Autopsy performed after the body of Ognjen Rakočević was found in Skadar Lake shows the cause of boy’s death was drowning.

The initial suspicions that the autistic boy went straight for the water when he ran away from home in the middle of the night were thus confirmed true. The body was retrieved at 10 PM last night from the lake, after it was floating the swollen river Moraca for days, while citizens rallied looking for him, tirelessly, day and night.

By order of the public prosecutor at the Higher Public Prosecution Office in Podgorica, the autopsy of the body was performed this morning.

It revealed the body was in the water anywhere between 10 to 14 days, which corresponds to the time of Ognjen’s disappearance.

The naked body of the boy was first noticed at the estuary, where Moraca flows into Lake Skadar, by a forest ranger of the Lake Skadar National Park, Nikola Ulićević. He said last night for Dnevne Novine daily that he though at the first sight that it was the missing 11-year old blonde boy, although he could not claim it with certainty.

The extensive 12-day search for little Ognjen united citizens, army and the police like never before. Divers spent most of their time in Moraca, while a huge number of citizens, professional scouts, rangers, rescuers, military and police members were turning every stone in the wide area of ​​Podgorica. PD’s helicopter was scouting from the sky, while video clips from a drone spread through social networks in an effort to stop anything that could lead to his rescue.

Just when the search had to be paused because of poor weather conditions, because of which divers took time off as well, the boy who suffered from autism was found in the water which he loved so much, and to which he was never allowed to go, due to safety reasons.

Rakočević family has informed the citizens that they will be receiving condolences over the tragic death of Ognjen Rakočević tomorrow, on May 17th, from nine to 14 hours at the cemetery Čepurci from and from 2.30 to 4 PM at the cemetery in Zagorič, where the funeral will take place, as published on the Facebook page “Let’s find Ogi”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro