Ognjen has drowned in Moraca River


Preliminary autopsy of Ognjen Rakocevic, shows that the cause of death is drowning, it was announced from the Police. The autopsy revealed no traces of violence, and that the body was in water for 10 to 14 days.

The body of the boy was found last night at the estuary of the Moraca river were it flows into LakeSkadar.

Police reports that parents this morning identified lifeless body in the premises of a clinical center of Montenegro, at the Department of Forensic Pathology, and confirmed that it is Ognjen Rakocevic (11).

“This morning also, by order of the public prosecutor at the Higher Public Prosecution Office in Podgorica, an autopsy of the body was conducted. In accordance with the information that we have, preliminary autopsy showed that the cause of death was drowning, that there were no traces of violence on the body, and that the body was in the water from 10 to 14 days, which corresponds to the time of Ognjen’s disappearance “, police reports.

Ognjen was reported missing on 4 May 2016, when the police, together with members of other bodies and institutions as well as citizens, started looking for him.

The body of a naked boy in the river, at the place where Moraca flows into LakeSkadar, last night first noticed the National Park ranger Nikola Ulicevic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro