Old Town Ulcinj of extraordinary significance

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Montenegrin coast is increasingly more popular with tourists all over the world. Aside from beautiful beaches, that are the reason most people come to Montenegro, old towns of Ulcinj, Bar, Herceg Novi, Kotor and Budva, with their rich history, are a special corner to many who visit the coast.

Old Town Ulcinj is alike many other medieval cities on Montenegrin coast, but it is also one of the oldest urban communities on the Adriatic.

When tourists come to Ulcinj, the Old Town is certainly a place to see.

According to available data, it is an antique city with medieval, narrow and winding streets, closely built two-stories rock houses and decorative elements of Renaissance and Baroque style, as well as many important buildings from the Ottoman period.

The oldest remains of city’s walls date to Illyrian times.

President of Society of friends and admirers of Old Town, Ismet Karamanaga, spoke to Anadolija saying that he believes that visitors that come to Ulcinj have many interesting things to see in the Old Town.

He said that the Old Town is revived, ready for the touristic season, with its gates wide open.

“When tourists come to Old Town, they can enter through two gates, the entrance is free. They can visit the museum, and beautiful objects such as churches and mosques, tower of Balšići, old Illyrian walls. There are many things to see. There is also a part with restaurants and coffee shops, as well as houses for rent”, Karamanaga said.

At the highest plateau of Old Town there is a citadel with a tower that dominates the surroundings. Tradition places it in the period of last Balšići, who took Ulcinj as their capital during the end of 14th and beginning of 15th century. It surely represents one of the most representative objects of medieval construction in Montenegro. Now it serves as a gallery and an art space.

The Old City with its walls, citadel, street network, markets and squares, blocks of houses, and valuable architectural objects, and especially with the beautiful city landscape, represent an important cultural and historical monument of extraordinary significance.

In the end of January, the Government has passed an information on implementation of project of nomination of Venetian defense fortresses from 15th and 16th century for UNESCO cultural heritage list. This list includes the Old Town of Ulcinj, as an area of special significance.

Still, Karamanaga is not pleased with the engagement from authorities when it comes to Old Town Ulcinj.

“Nothing is being invested and we are not happy about it, especially the state’s relationship. Unlike old towns in Kotor and Budva, we are falling behind when it comes to investments. But we are optimists and we are hoping for improvement of the infrastructure, expecting new street blocks. We expect to see renovations of infrastructure that was built after the earthquake of 1979 year”, he concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro