Oliver: We need to look into each other’s eyes again

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Musical box of Oliver Dragojević, Croatian and world’s vocal jewel, who has been using his secret skills for decades to gift his listeners with the most beautiful love notes aromatic of sea, has recently been updated with a new album “Familija”, done in collaboration with Gibonni.

Talking about this emotional work and current moment in the society, Dragojević spoke exclusively to Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily about the magic of bars, that he often left richer for a new idea. He said he found this magic with Gibonni again, in the warmth of his home, and their peaceful souls and winner’s character were focused on the goal – making their listeners believe in the family again, renounce alienation and look into each other’s eyes.

There was a long silence between Montenegrin media and Oliver Dragojević. Famous for his dislike of media appearances, legendary Croatian musician is one of the rare ones who successfully avoided our journalistic pen. And not only ours.

He said that everything there is to say can be found in his songs, which rings true. However, Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily managed to break the silence in the sweetest moment, appreciating the message that could surpass the silence. It is the moment when “Familja” gathered around the table. There sit “father and son”, Oliver and Gibonni, with ten stories also touched by Vlatko Stefanovski, Miroslav Tadić, Matija Dedić, Steve Stevens (who also worked with Michael Jackson)…

Gibonni wrote it all, and sang “Onako od oka”, “Bella figura, bella pitura”, “Nisi više moja bol” and “Udica”, while “Gdje to piše?”, “Kad sam nasamo s njom” and “Za tvoje dobro” was sung by Oliver. Together, they sang “Sreća” and “Moja si kuća”. While the audience gets introduced to these songs, Dragojević claims that the bar was not the place of inspiration in this case, but that Gibonni came to his home in Vela Luka with an idea for an album.

“The story is spontaneous, as it is often with friends. Gibonni came to me with a project, he figured it all out. We reached an agreement fast. I know Gibonni since he was a kid. He wrote many of my songs ‘Cesarica’, ‘Dobro jutro, tugo’, ‘Brod u boci’… I still sing his ‘Kad sam nasamo s njom’, and he signs one of my old ones, from Runjić. I knew his father as well. Gibonni is a part of my family. We often talk of sea, poetry.. We found each other in these new songs”, Oliver talks of the creative process.

The house was built on love, their area of expertise. Still, aside from the simply complicated man and woman relationship, they focused on the wider family tree this time. Oliver believes they did not give out too much motivational smarts, their idea was to use music to point to faded out cult of family, togetherness.. The time we witness is tragic, Oliver says.

“The theme was there from the beginning, and we caught the atmosphere. We didn’t discover anything new. We are people who respect family. This brings us balance, peaceful mind. This is what people lack the most. Alienation? No one looks into each other’s eyes anymore, no one has the time. It is not fair and it is very said”, he warns.

Oliver’s “Gdje to piše” premiered with a video, and Oliver believes other songs will soon meet the listeners, even on concerts.

“I will be glad to sing these songs together in concerts. Organization of those things is difficult. Choosing the right space.. It is a big company, musicians, production. A lot of effort is needed. We are considering options in Croatia, Ljubljana..”, Dragojević said.

Concert in Montenegro is not an option

There is a speculation on the streets of Podgorica that a large concert of Oliver Dragojević is in the making, which would be a special treat seeing as he does not perform on the territory of Serbia and Montenegro. But it remains speculation, as the singer won’t change his attitude. The concert would make his many fans happy, his friends here such as Slobo Kovačević. But…

“Concerts in Montenegro are not an option for me. Gibonni is much more active there, he will come for sure”, Oliver concluded.

Did you know…

Oliver was five when his father gave him a mouth organ, and in time he learned piano, clarinet and guitar. Since the middle of 60s, he was an organist of Split group Batali, that became famous in dancing nights in DIoklecijan’s basements. Zdenko Runjić trusted him to perform his song “Picaferaj” during the festival of pop music SPlit in 1967. He won Croatian discography award Porin with his performance of Gibonni’s “Cesarica”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro