On Sunday the Main board of DEMOS: Also leaving the government?

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On Sunday the 14th of August in Zabljak a meeting of the Main board of Demos will be held on which they will most likely make a decision to exit the Government of electoral trust, it was unofficially confirmed to Dnevne newspaper from several sources.

Officials from Demos in the government, municipalities and public institutions and companies who have been on important positions in previous couple of months based on lex specialis have already started to part with their colleagues with announcements that they won’t be owrking as of Monday the 15th of August. All of them were invited to the meeting of the Main board and this will be in a way an official beginning of the campaign.

Such atmosphere was evident last night too at the meeting of the Local Podgorica board of Demos where the plan was made for collecting signatures for the support of the party in upcoming elections.

It is expected that on Zabljak will also be officially announced that Demos is exiting the government, but there will be also discussion on the module of competing on the elections.

Dnevne newspaper report that there will be discussion on coalition with Socialistic people’s party on the meeting, and mostly regarding the split of the common list due to differences in strength based on the research of public opinion, which Miodrag Lekic tried to deny in an interview to agency Mina two days ago.

There are some in Demos who feel that SNP mustn’t get 50 percent of the list, and not even 40.

On the other hand, it is clear that Lekic has turned to making a coalition with SNP bit as he announced, with other parties too, because his concept of making an alliance with URA and SDP seems to have failed.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro