Ona je Tu: Leadership is a state of mind and brain

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Some of the topics discussed during the second day of the Western Balkans Women Convention “Ona je Tu” (She is Here) were how to succeed in life, how important it is to work on yourself and to develop yourself constantly, why it is important not to judge people based on sex, but on the basis of knowledge and success which are crucial factors for success in the business and what challenges female entrepreneurs in the Western Balkans are facing.

Milka Forcan, Kristina Ercegovic, Selma Berisalic-Starfinger, Sladjana Raickovic, Radoje Cerovic, Ana Golubovic, Milena Spahic, Ana Martinovic, Ana Djukanovic, Srdjan Vukcevic, Tatjana Vojtehovski, Vesna Dedic, Isidora Soc and Daliborka Pejovic have been the guests and participants of the convention today.

Since the convention has been focused on women’s leadership, participants have exchanged opinions on the issues female entrepreneurs are facing in the country and the region, how they are successful compared to male entrepreneurs and how much they are perceived as equal players in the market.

For lawyer and former judge Ana Djukanovic, who spoke about her own experience related to the challenges she faced on her way from a student to a woman leader, “leadership is a state of mind, or rather a state of the brain”.

“It does not depend on diploma or the job you have… My measure in my business determined my needs. The only condition for young colleagues that I teach is a desire to learn”, Ana Djukanovic said at the convention.

She pointed out that she “had her own position for everything in life”.

“I had my own position on everything in my life and it was not unpopular. I fought for my right in the family also”, she added.

Commenting on Ana Djukanovic’s experience, Borka Pavicevic said that “the changes that are happening in Montenegro can be seen through Ana’s story”.

During the second day of the convention, the panel “The importance of women’s leadership in the development of the Montenegrin society” has also been held.

Speaking at the panel, the chairwoman of the board director of Montenegro Airlines, Daliborka Pejovic, said that the essential goal was to have “more women in politics, more women qualified for decision-making positions”.

“The gender equality issue should be a widely recognised and accepted principle, but not the exclusive right of political parties… Instead of dealing with the woman problem as a team, we rather do that as individuals. That’s why I’m grateful for organising such a convention. Our essential goal was to have more women in politics, more women qualified for decision-making positions”, Pejovic said.

goal is to more of the essential women politics, more women will be their qualifications in decision-making, “said Pejovic.

Milena Spahic, director of corporate communications in Stratex Group, believes that “we will deal with gender inequality for a long time, but it should not be an excuse for giving up”.

“All of us who grown up in Montenegro have been limited by the cults of daughter, mother, sister. However, it gives us a sense of pragmatism and determination, which qualifies us for leadership positions”, Spahic said.

M:tel’s PR Ana Martinovic believes that a will, good organisation skills and confidence are the most important.

According to Milka Forcan, the most important thing for women is to “be active”.

“Be active – all of you who are not willing to find excuses but to find ways. Do not mind the surrounding, keep your own plan and do your best to execute it”, the member of Business Council for South Eastern Europe Milka Forcan said.

The convention Ona je Tu has been organised by women from the Balkans and its goal is to institutionalise the priority of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on women and peace and security, to provide support to women in developing business and careers, as well as to highlight the importance of the influence of women in the field of culture and creativity.

According to the convention agenda, tomorrow is the day dedicated to women and creativity.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro