One step to opening all chapters

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By passing the Law on State Aid Control and the Law on Protection of Competition, Montenegro will fulfill all the obligations necessary for opening negotiations on the five remaining chapters of the European Union accession negotiations and it will enter the new working cycle to meet the final criteria and close the chapters, Minister of European Affairs Aleksandar Andrija Pejovic announces.

On the occasion of opening negotiations in chapters 1 (Freedom of movement of goods) and 22 (Regional policy) and coordination of structural instruments and temporary closing of negotiations in Chapter 30 (External relations), the Ministry of European Affairs and the Foundation Konrad Adenauer organized a working breakfast with the journalists today.

Nearly five years ago, Montenegro started accession negotiations with the EU. Our country has opened 28 of the 33 negotiating chapters, and three have been temporarily closed.

Pejovic emphases that the results of everything that the state administration has invested in the past few years since it began to open chapters and meet the criteria to close the chapters are now visible.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro