Only two issues with Lex Specialis

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The Government and a part of opposition parties have reached a high level of agreement yesterday on the text of Lex Specialis, but there are two issues left for both sides to agree upon, Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily learned in multiple sources.

Legal experts in the Government and the opposition spent yesterday fine tuning the text of Lex Specialis, that could be in front of representatives in the Parliament in the beginning of next week.

The biggest part of this law on creating conditions for controlling the use of state resources during elections in 2016 has been agreed upon. The meeting that was held in the Parliament was attended by politicians as well. According to WEDN, representative of Socialist People’s Party SNP Aleksandar Damjanović has taken part in the meeting as well.

Many things were done, but not all is agreed upon. Vice President of GP URA Dritan Abazović is an optimist.

“95% of Lex Specialis has been agreed upon. There are some technicalities left, and I expect it all to be done during the weekend”, Abazović shortly stated to WEDN.

WEDN learns that the Government finds it not sustainable to insist on the term “The Government of Electoral Trust” because it defies the Constitution. In its notes on Lex Specialis, the Government said that the Constitution recognizes only the Government of Montenegro. They expect this note to pass, and it will not present a break in the process of creating this law.

Demos, GP URA and SDP have a problematic request of this law, that is to clearly define who is the opposition.

These three parties think that the opposition are those parties who did not support the Government on January 27th and who did not take part in the negotiations, with a clear intention to remove Positive Montenegro from the game. This matter remains unsolved, as well as a matter of time frame. The Government thinks that the law should not be tied to the budget year of 2016, as opposition suggested.

Lex Specialis must wait for the weekend, also because SNP still has not decided whether to sign the agreement. This party has scheduled a General Committee session during which it will reach its decision.

Demos, GP URA and SDP met yesterday with SNP’s leader Srđan Milić, and it was clearly stated that these three parties would sign the agreement regardless of SNP’s stance on it.

On the other hand, the Government is certain that the solution will present itself soon.

“It is not up to us anymore. Prime Minister’s generous offer is on the table and the opposition must decide. It is not a situation of ‘take or leave’. There will be an agreement”, said anonymous source from the Government.

Positive Montenegro was not ready to comment yesterday about part of the opposition insisting that this party be treated as a part of the leadership, even though it has 0 involvement.

“We do not want our reactions to be read as obstruction at this time. It is thanks to us that agreement will happen. We are the opposition and this is clear to everyone. We will wait for the result of the negotiations with a clear consciences. We contributed to the democracy more than those parties who are trying to stop us from entering the Government. We are content with our status”, one official of the Positive said anonymously.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro