Opened fire at a soldier at Zlatica

Two unidentified men fired in the direction of the soldiers of the Army of Montenegro (VCG) at the military shooting range at Zlatica. Motive for the attack is unknown.

The attack took place on May 8 and there were no injured. The authorities are investigating if the motive was theft of weapons and ammunition stored for the army needs in the building next to the shooting range.

There are several facilities near the shooting range where the weapons are stored, and the buildings are abandoned for several years and members of VCG are safeguarding them.

“The Public Prosecution Office in Podgorica has been notified about the incident at the military shooting range, while preliminary investigation has been conducted by duty prosecutor Romina Vlahovic. Once implemented investigating actions we shall decide whether the case will be assigned to the High Prosecutor’s Office”, learns the Dan from the cabinet of the Chief State Prosecutor.

MUP announced that, on 8 May, about 20.30, a soldier who was on duty as a guard saw two men approaching military facilities. After he warned them to stop as access to the site is forbidden, the two men opened fire and then fled.

According to soldiers estimates , the attackers were about 30 years old.

An investigation into this case is ongoing.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro