Opposition candidate to be a woman



The opposition in Montenegro should have a common candidate in the elections for the president of the country, and it would be great if that would be a woman for the first time.

That was estimated by Goran Danilovic, who was elected president of ‘Demos’ party at the extraordinary election assembly in Mojkovac.

“Instead of proclaiming as a betrayal every single move that we do not like by some of the opposition parties, we must sit down and come to an agreement. Everything we do not like, is not a betrayal, and there is nothing else to be betrayed in Montenegro,” said Danilovic.

The opposition should, as he said, have a unique position on the conditions for fair elections signed by 39 opposition MPs.

“We need a joint candidate for the president of Montenegro. It would be great if it was a lady for the first time. Somebody we can all support and make a strong contribution to the victory,” Danilovic said.

According to Danilovic, it is not so important whether it is a person with a political experience or some of the public figures with proven knowledge and courage from public life.

“Prompt arrangement and a decision, would have a healing effect on all of us and would contribute to the unification of Montenegro. We can do as much as we can do it easily and quickly only if we want. Then everything will be easier,” Danilovic concluded.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro