Opposition ministers soon to leave the government

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The mandate of the opposition ministers in the government of electoral trust expires upon determination of the final results of the parliamentary elections, Pobjeda writes.

It was provided by a special Law on the application of the agreement to create the conditions for fair and free elections.

In accordance with this act, Milorad Vujovic as the Deputy Prime Minister, Goran Danilovic as the Interior Minister, Rasko Konjevic as Finance Minister, Budimir Mugosa as Minister of Agriculture and Boris Maric as Minister of Labour and Social Welfare were appointed to the Government of electoral trust.

Persons placed in accordance with this Law shall cease the function on the day of establishing the final results of the elections for deputies to the Parliament of Montenegro in 2016, in accordance with the Law on Election of Councillors and MPs stated in the Lexs Specialis.

In accordance with this act, opposition personell were also appointed in the institutions, agencies, companies in majority state ownership, as well as at the local level.

Personnel who were placed in institutions of local government, as envisaged by this law, will be dismissed by the President of Municipality or the Mayor.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro