Order of Montenegrin Independence and Military Medal to be introduced

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The changes in the Law on state decorations and honors enable the introduction of Order of Montenegrin Independence and Military Medal.

Order of Montenegrin Independence is introduced due to the ten year anniversary of Montenegrin independence, at the initiative of President of Montenegro.

This Order is of one degree and it will be given for special contributions and affirmations of Montenegrin independence.

New decoration – Military Medal, will be given for contribution in missions and tasks of Montenegro’s Army.

Monetary fine of 500 to 5.000 EUR will be applied if a legal individual puts the medal or similar objects on the market. This offense will be fined 30 to 300 EUR for individuals.

Monetary fine for citizens will be 30 do 1.000 EUR, and for companies 150 to 1.500 EUR.

Monetary fine of 150 to 600 EUR will be given to an individual who carries a decoration he did not receive in public.

The draft of Law on state decorations and honors is in the Parliament’s procedural.

In order to implement this law, the resources will be provided from the current budget reserve.

“Resources are needed for selection and implementation of an idea for the project of Order of Montenegrin Independence, for making of the model and 10 pieces of this Order, which would cost 25.000 EUR, according to estimates”, the statement reads.

For the implementation and idea project of Military Medal, Ministry of Defense will provide resources.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro