Original letter of Djukanovic to the opposition: I emphasized to choose the candidates carefully

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Prime minister Milo Djukanovic sent a letter to SDP, URA and Demos that it’s not acceptable for Milorad Vujovic to become the minister of agriculture and rural development because of the lack of expertise in a moment when this area desperately needs it.

CdM came into posession of Djukanovic’s letter in which it was stated:

With regard to your request that I was introduced to by Mr. Krivokapic, I would like to inform you that I have no intention of sending your initial proposal of the candidate for minister of agriculture and rural development to the parliament.

The reason for this is my belief that the candidate you proposed doesn’t have sufficient expertise to respond to specific demands of this position in upcoming months. Namely, since Montenegro is a candidate for membership in EU and in the middle of negotiations, the plan is to open negotiating chapters 12 (food safety, veterinary medicine and phitosanitary) and chapter 13 (fishing), and at the end of the year also chapter 11 (agriculture and rural development), which would round up, along with environment protection, the most difficult area of negotiation with EU.

I would like to remind you that during the parliamentary dialogue in February, I precisely emphasized the need for careful choice of the candidate for this position when I stated these same reasons.

Relying on your understanding, I would like to remind you that I already sent four initial proposals for candidates to the parliament for remaining four positions defined in the Agreement on free and fair elections.

Although it is not important for this matter, I would like to emphasize that I have positive opinion of moral and political profile of the candidate that you proposed for minister of agriculture and rural development. If you showed interest for consultations prior to your decision I believe that we could have come up with a solution and avoid this mutually unpleasant situation.

It is natural that I remain on the position that the opposition should put its own candidate as the head of this ministry as it was agreed upon, and I expect that through dialogue we can find a candidate that will be able to professionally respond to the complex challenges that are ahead of this ministry and that is of great interest for country of Montenegro.

The opposition’s reply is pending

The meeting of Demos, SDP and URA is ongoing after which they should send a response to Djukanovic.

As we were informed, Milorad Vujovic was also invited to the parliament.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro