OSCE worried, sent a letter to Djukanovic

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Representative of OSCE for freedom of the media Dunja Mijatovic expressed concern regarding the proposed laws regarding the media saying that they might limit the freedom of the media, which is why it’s necessary for public discussions to happen before the laws are introduced.

This is about the Proposal for amendment of the Law on media, as well as amendment of the Law on electronic media and Law on RTCG, which were the topic of the parliamentary discussion at the end of July. Behind the proposal for new solutions is the opposition “troika”, URA, Demos and SDP, it was reported by Dnevne newspaper.

Position of OSCE, which was given by their representative for media, was sent to Milo Djukanovic via diplomatic ways.

Mijatovic said, in a letter to prime minister Milo Djukanovic, that among other things the amendments need to be adjusted to international standards and principles of OSCE in the area of free media.

A Dnevne newspaper report, Mijatovic pointed out that “some of the key issues need to be analyzed more before the process of adopting the amendments continues”, adding that preliminary analysis of the proposed solutions are “causing concern”.

OSCE’s opinion was in accordance with the opinion of the majority of the parliament members in Montenegrin parliament who denied the aforementioned amendments precisely due to their incompatibility with modern European practice and lack of dialogue with representatives of the media community, which needed to be done prior to creation of the main law on media.

The letter from OSCE send a clear message that Montenegrin media scene is being followed and that laws regulating the media cannot be brought without the dialogue with media community, and not just some of its individual representatives.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro