Oslo: Additional 4.2 million euros to Montenegro from European funds for infrastructure

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European union assigned aditional 4.2 million euros to Montenegro within the XV call for submitting projects within Western Balkans investment frame, with purpose of preparation of infrastructural projects, it was officially confirmed at the meeting of the management board of this instrument, held on 16th and 17th of June in Oslo, at which our country was represented by national coordinator for pre-accession support to EU ambassador Aleksandar Andrija Pejovic.

Besides alocation of IPA for 2016 which is 37.5 million euros, European union showed readiness to continue with financial support to infrastructural projects in Montenegro by assigning these additional funds, and all with the goal of increasing the amount of investments in infrastructure and improvement in connectivity of the region in accordance with the goals of Berlin process.

On this occasion Montenegro received funds for preparation of project documentation for three projects: development of project for Adriatic-Ionic gasline (common application with Albania), designing project documentation for projects within water supplies and treatment of wastewater, and for technical support for surveillance of the works on the project of construction of the plant for purification of wastewater in Podgorica.

Approved projects are new in a line of projects in Montenegro financed by EU within the Berlin process, as a political platform within which the Union offers support to Western Balkans in transport and energetic connecting. These projects will laso be presented at the upcoming Summit of the prime ministers of the countries of Western Balkans which will be held on 4th of July in Paris.

Besides this, Montenegro along with other Western Balkans countries is a user of the approved regional project Regional program of energetic efficiency worth 1.8 million euros which will additionally improve energetic efficiency in the region.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro