Outstanding progress of Montenegro

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In just ten years since the restoration of its independence, Montenegro has made remarkable progress, and the United States of America (USA) remains committed to the efforts of Montenegro to become a member of the European Union (EU), the US President Barak Obama said.

Obama sent a letter of congratulations to Montenegrin President, Filip Vujanovic, on the occasion of July 13, National Day of Montenegro, saying that the American people and he himself send the people of Montenegro “warmest wishes on the occasion of celebration of National Day. ”

“In just 10 years since independence, Montenegro has made remarkable progress. It prominently presented itself by the historic signing of the Accession Protocol by the NATO allies at a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels on 19 May and the participation of Montenegro as an observer at the Warsaw summit,” it is said in Obama’s letter of congratulations.

He said that Montenegro’s membership in NATO represents “an important step towards its full Euro-Atlantic integration”.

“It will strengthen your position as an extremely important partner in ensuring the stability of the Balkans and Europe. We remain committed to support the efforts of Montenegro in EU accession. We are also grateful for your contribution to global and Security initiative, including sending Montenegrin soldiers to Afghanistan to stand side by side with American and allied soldiers. We appreciate and Montenegro’s membership in the Coalition against ISIL and partnership in counter-terrorism efforts, ” Obama said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro