Over 15 million blocked, Sveto to pay another 50.000 euros to charities

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The most famous Montenegrin detainee for high corruption, Svetozar Marovic, left the remand prison yesterday at about nine o’clock in the morning, to which he will be returning if the High Court confirms his plea agreement, signed a few days ago with the Special state Prosecutor’s Office.

Dnevne Novine daily learned that the agreement provides for a penalty of imprisonment of three years and ten months, as well as cash payment of 50,000 euros to charity. If in due time Marovic does not pay the fine, it will be converted into a prison sentence of another six months. At the same time, over 15 million euros in the accounts of three private companies associated with multimillion fraud (Gugi commerce, Property investment, Copyright) have been blocked.

Mastermind of the operation got deceived

Judging by his plea, once the most powerful resident of the Budva region turned out to be a better philosopher than politician. Admitting that he organized a group of 30 people to obtain illegal gain, he claims that in these activities he himself was deceived. He says he never got the money and that it instead ended up on private company accounts.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro