Over 40 tons of fruits and vegetables returned

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From the border crossings in Montenegro, from 7June until today, the Food Safety and Phytosanitary Directorate prevented 12 unsafe items of various types of food (vegetables, fruit, baby food, animal food, juices, spices) to be put on the market, it was announced from this organization.

According to daily Dnevne Novine, more than 40 tons of lemons, watermelons, peaches and peppers have been returned, because the found amount of pesticides was much larger than it is allowed.

Concentration of pesticides in lemons was 16 times higher than allowed, in paprika nine, and in watermelon twice more.

In addition to these foods, baby food, juices and animal food have been returned. These examples show that food control has been maximally raised at the border crossings as it has recently discussed the DN and announced the Director of been announced by director of Veterinary and Phytosanitary Directorate Vesna Dakovic and assistant director of the Food Safety Directorate Biljana Blecic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro