Over a million hacker attacks prevented! Now we know where the threat comes from

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Within last 12 hours, over a million of hacker attacks to CdM portal were stopped.

Our portal is being attacked from groups from France, Italy, Finland, Russia and the US.

You have a right to vote freely, and have access to free information!

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Ministry of informational society and telecommunication got involved in the case. Aside from our portal, DPS and CDT websites were attacked as well.

“These were DDOS attacks, which means denial of service was caused by endless attempts of entering the admin part of website. Distributed denial of service attacks aim to make web server unavailable to users, disabling infrastructure. National CIRT team is taking measures to coordinate with state institutions and prevent attacks so that Montenegrin portals can be available to citizens who want to be informed on the election day”, it was stated from the Ministry.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro