Pahor: Things in Montenegro are moving forward for the better

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Ratification of the Accession Protocol in Slovenian Parliament is a sign of support, trust and friendship between two countries, said Slovenian President Borut Pahor. Pahor said that the Protocol should be ratified as soon as possible, both Montenegro’s and NATO’s sake.

“I think it would be good for everyone if the Protocol is ratified by the end of this year, so that Montenegro can become a full member of NATO”, Pahor said.

That would mean that NATO expansion is moving forward despite all the problems.

Pahor also spoke of membership’s influence on Montenegrin political scene.

“The fact that internal questions are being handled in a democratic, rational way, means that you can handle political crisis in a good way. I think this is the sign that things in Montenegro are moving forward for the better”, Pahor said and added that he is very pleased as a friend of Montenegro.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro