Pajović: A lesson in history: We need to act today for tomorrow

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On July 13th we all need to remember the perseverance of our ancestors, the vision they left for us to inherit, and the strength to follow through. It is a day to remember, but also to remind ourselves of obligations and responsibilities that we have for future generations, said the President of Parliament of Montenegro Darko Pajović.

We all need to celebrate multiethnic unity and togetherness, because July 13th symbolizes two fundamental values of our society, and those are state sovereignty and anti-fascism.

“These values are our base, we need to preserve them. History that makes us proud also makes us obligated. In order to deserve the glory of our ancestors, we must create and cherish a new vision for a new time. That vision must be of togetherness, solidarity and social justice, unity with people of the West, and keeping our identity in the process”, Pajović said.

There is no time to waste today, we must think of tomorrow.

“We must act today, so that our children can live in a better and more just society in the future. The glory of the past that July 13th revokes inspires hope, but it also strengthens our will to make Montenegro better and more successful”, President of the Parliament said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro