Pajovic and Uyehara: Parliament will work efficiently and transparently

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In the coming period, the Parliament of Montenegro is to work at an accelerated pace based on the principles of efficiency and transparency since there is a large number of laws and other regulations in the parliamentary procedure, said the Speaker of Parliament Darko Pajovic at the meeting with the US Ambassador to Montenegro Margaret Ann Uyehara.

Pajovic noted that the government of electoral trust along with the Parliament had responsibility in order for a unique goal to be created: to have free and fair elections in October.

“He thanked Uyehara for the US Embassy’s support for Montenegro on its Euro-Atlantic integration path”, Pajovic’s cabinet stated, adding that the United States was an important partner of Montenegro in this process.

Pajovic pointed out the importance of accelerating the process of Montenegro’s accession to NATO.

Uyehara showed interest in the efficiency of the Montenegrin Parliament.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro