Pajovic: Attempts of denying the heritage of independence will be unsuccessful!

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All efforts in denying the heritage of Montenegrin independence will be unsuccessful, said the new president of the Montenegrin Parliament, Darko Pajovic. He said this at an honorary session of the parliament that was held in Cetinje.

“Ten years is a significant anniversary which has an important symbolic menaing to all of us who love Montenegro as our own and only country. We can all remember political tensions that followed the process of fight for the independence, as well as the referendum on 21st of May in 2006. To me personally, as a citizen and a patriot, that day remains the most important day in modern history of Montenegro”, said Pajovic.

Pajovic said that on one hand Montenegro is a lot different than it was on that 21st of May in 2006, but on the other hand it seems as if nothing has changed.

He regrets that even today, after ten years, there are still political subjects that treat the referendum as a big historical mistake.

“As an honest patriot, I have a need, and as a public official an obligation and a duty to send a clear message that all of their efforts in denying the heritage of Montenegrin independence will remain unsuccessful. This is not becuase it’s my or anybody else’s personal will, but because this is the will of the majority of patriotic Montenegro who is unified in preserving independence for the good of all of us and the future of generations that are coming”, he emphasized.

He also emphasized that Montenegro is in safe hands today and on a safe road towards Euroatlantic future.

“I would like to remind everyone that Montenegro is considered a leader in the region when it comes to Euroatlantic integrations. In order to successfully continue down this road, which is the only right way, we need to face additional challenges. Key challenges are development of democracy and institutions, fight against negative economic trends, fight against social isolation and fight for political stability”, said Pajovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro