Pajovic: Beginning of the process of American ratification good and positive news

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President of the Parliament of Montenegro Darko Pajovic welcomed the news of beginning of the ratification process of the Protocol for accession of Montenegro to NATO in USA, saying that United States of America by this act, confirmed their continuous support to Montenegro in achieveing foreing politics goals, which are supposed to provide security of Montenegrin citizens.

,,After negative and tragic news from the world in previous two days, particularly from Turkey, the news of beginning the procedure of ratification of the protocol in USA is a good and positive news”, emphasized the president of the parliament of Montenegro.

Pajovic said that USA showed that they are honest friend and reliable partner of Montenegro and that by initating the ratification procedures they are expressing their wish for Montenegro becoming a member of the Alliance as soon as possible.

“Also, by this act, USA will send an additional incentive to ther members of the Alliance to start and finish their own internal processes of ratification of the protocol for accession of Montenegro to NATO”, concluded Pajovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro