Pajovic: Both authorities and people want free and fair elections; Reintke: Montenegro progresses and flourishes

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Both authorities and people of Montenegro are interested in and want free and fair elections, said Positive Montenegro (PCG) leader and the speaker of Parliament Darko Pajovic.

“After 27 years, those who have lost elections are in power too and that is a good thing. The plan for overcoming the crisis proposed by PCG has brought democratic elections”, Pajovic said.

He has held a press conference on Skaline (a spot on the bank of Moraca river in Podgorica) today and it has been attended by MEP Terry Reintke. She said that she came to support such elections.

“I’m here to monitor the upcoming electoral process”, she said.

Reintke and Pajovic discussed social inequality and how to support citizens to find jobs and overcome their problems.

“The voice of the citizens is increasingly heard. Montenegro progresses and flourishes”, she said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro