Pajovic expects no obstructions in his work: I will return good reputation to the Parliament

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The newly elected Parliament Speaker Darko Pajovic said he expected no obstructions in his work, adding he would do everything to contribute to a better atmosphere in the Parliament and achieving results in the process of European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Pajovic was elected a new Parliament Speaker on Wednesday, after the discussion in the Parliament that lasted almost until midnight. He was supported by his party colleagues and the coalition gathered around the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS). At the secret ballot, 42 MPs voted for him. On the other hand, the opposition MPs neither took part in the voting nor attended taking the oath.

After first working day, Pajovic said he had a vision of specific steps aimed at removing the blockage of the Parliament.

“There are hundreds of documents in parliamentary procedure, including laws, reports and other legal acts. They will surely be on the agenda of the parliamentary sessions in the coming months. Efficient managing of Parliament’s work is of utmost importance, primarily due to the continuation of our Euro-Atlantic integration. It is also important to do absolutely everything to unblock the work, not just the Parliament, not only the plenary sessions, but also the committees”, Pajovic said appearing on the news programme of RTCG public broadcaster.

Pajovic expects no obstructions in his work. He called in mind that, during the parliamentary session on Wednesday, both opposition and ruling party representatives said they were ready to work.

“That is encouraging and my task is to be the first among equals and to contribute to a better atmosphere in the Parliament and the progress in the process of European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

He reiterated that he would prevent attacks against MPs’ personality and contribute to obeying laws starting with the highest one – the Constitution – and ending with by-laws.

“We were just witnessing the abuse of those legal acts in the past. That will become history, not because I want it, but because it is necessary to protect the integrity of the Parliament and to regain a reputation of the highest legislative authority… I have a strong will and desire to complete all those things in the next two months”, he pointed out.

However, he said he expected certain obstacles.

“Attempts to slow down the work of top people at certain institutions are something you must live with while you are engaged in politics… Of course, we expect certain ‘stumbling blocks’ but I do not expect to give up on this path of the efficient operation of the institutions, the return of reputation and the protection the Parliament’s integrity. International activities should also be born in mind. We’ve got a lot of work to do and there will be no resting”, Pajovic added.

“Let’s not forget, the mission and the government of electoral trust is to control the electoral process and the Parliament will give its full contribution. I am sure that by the elections we will keep the promises we gave to citizens last night”, said Pajovic.

He is convinced that we will have fair and free elections.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro