Pajović is not using Ranko’s former plates: I was never assigned the famed ‘002’

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The new President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Darko Pajović, unlike most officials, cannot be identified by the license plates of his official car.

“I am using a Mercedes that is ten years old. It was bought when we restored our independence in 2006. I was never given the car of the former President of the Assembly, and his famous 002 plates. I have spent a little over 200 euros on fuel so far”, Pajović told reporters in the Parliament.

Apart from that car, Pajović’s entourage uses two more vehicles.

“One is for security detail, and the other serves as an auxiliary or replacement in case of failure”, he explained.

Pajovic added his salary is 1,433 euros. He also did not use state’s credit cards, he pays his own phone, and he flew coach to Slovenia.

He could not disclose the exact number of security officers in his detail, because he was advised by the police not to share this information.

“There’s no need to throw numbers around, because I assure you the number of people securing the President of the Assembly at a very modest level. And not because of populism and making a political statement, but because we believe that it is time for a new Montenegro – Montenegro which gives, not Montenegro that only takes; and not because there are elections in October, but because of the manner of government and the way of dealing with the money of Montenegrin citizens”, he said.

Pajović said this to reporters after a meeting with ambassadors of NATO countries.

“The ratification of the NATO Accession Protocol is going as expected. Albania will ratify the protocol on Thursday, followed by Romania and Bulgaria. There are no obstructions, and everything will be over by the middle of next year”, he explained.

Mr. Pajovic also added that it is not true that the United States will be the last to do it.

“They will do it as soon as they can. They will not wait for other members”, said Pajović.

He also said that the SNP has not yet submitted a resolution for referendum on NATO membership.

“We know what the majority thinks, and NATO has no alternative”, he stressed.

When it comes to the new government, reporters wanted to know when the MP of Positive Montenegro, Azra Jasavić, will take her rightful place as Deputy Prime Minister.

“We don’t concern ourselves with deadlines, but it will happen in the near future, whatever that means”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro