Pajovic: Lack of competence is the reason for leaving the government

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Commenting on URA’s exit from the government of electoral trust, the parliament speaker and leader of the Positive Montenegro Darko Pajovic said no one would be shocked by that. He said the lack of capacity and the inability to perform the job for which they entered the government were the reasons for leaving it.

“A citizens’ association which did not verify its strength on the elections will not shock anyone by threatening to leave the government. Lack of capacity, the inability to do the job for which they entered the government – checking electoral rolls – are the reasons of this retreat. They should have said ‘I do not know how to do this’ and not to look for excuses such as A2A. What does this agreement have to do with checking electoral rolls”, Darko Pajovic said appearing on the Petnjica radio.

He also commented on the other actors on the political scene.

“DF does not support the foreign policy course of Montenegro. Certain individuals from the Front do not recognise the statehood of Montenegro. Their concept of democracy development implies ‘stoning’ state institutions. If the media parties and former coalition partner of DPS want to change Montenegro with them – we do not want that. Period. On the other hand, if someone has not managed to change the internal political stage for 18 years, they should analyse themselves. We can cooperate with those who support the current foreign policy course of Montenegro – the independence, integrity, sovereignty, our values, and not changed for the worse”, he said.

The government should be asked why only 12 babies were born in the 17 villages of the Petnjica area in 2015

“I did not see that politicians pay attention to the north of Montenegro except during the election campaign. We should deal with the problems of the ordinary citizen continuously throughout the year. The highway and major economic projects are important, but people are interested in solving their individual problems such as water supply, sewage, road and how to get a job”, Pajovic said.

Speaking on how PCG sees the way forward of the municipalities in Montenegro, Pajovic said that stronger cooperation between state authorities and local self-government and primarily a clear vision and goals, as well as the education of the citizens represent the road to massive employment of people.

He also said that the current government should be asked only 12 babies were born in the 17 villages of the Petnjica area in 2015.

“Plan, the vision and the desire to make progress, the greater state interventionism are the principles PCG stands for. Then the results should be seen much faster”, he pointed out.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro