Pajovic– Laffey: We have shown that things can be changed

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The president of Positive Montenegro (PCG), Darko Pajovic, met the political risk analyst specialising on the Balkans at the European Directorate of the UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Susan Laffey. They discussed the current political issues in Montenegro concerning the signing of the agreement between the government and opposition as well as the continuation of the Euro-Atlantic integration.

Pajovic informed the guest about the PCG’s plan for overcoming the political crisis, which was a requirement to support an open government, adding that thus the basis for negotiations between the government and the opposition was also set, which was further elaborated later through the parliamentary dialogue.

“We have shown that it is possible to change things in a peaceful and non-violent way and that the political changes can be implemented. PCG’s vision included in the plan is the best indicator that social processes can be affected only by those having the democratic capacity, to whom the benefits of the state and citizens are more important than personal interests”, Pajovic said.

He is an optimist when it comes to signing of the agreement between the government and the opposition.

“Signing the agreement is necessary in order to create conditions for holding fair and democratic elections and in order to successfully complete the process of Euro-Atlantic integration”, Pajovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro