Pajović: Montenegro belongs in the West

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After the Warsaw Summit, Montenegro is one step away from membership in NATO and Western civilization, where it belongs, said President of the Parliament Darko Pajović.

He spoke to MINA Agency saying that messages of support heard in Warsaw are good news for Montenegro.

It is all but certain that Montenegro will become a member of NATO after this Summit.

“This presents yet another confirmation of Montenegro’s path and determination to reach NATO standards”, Pajović said.

He underscored that NATO has no alternative and that Montenegro will achieve peace by joining.

“This region has often faced war. It is of incredible value to offer peace to future generations, and they will know to appreciate it”, Pajović said.

According to him, what is left for Montenegro is to continue being dedicated to reforms.

“There is no reason to stop“, Pajović said, adding that Montenegrin institutions have great responsibility.

Commenting on his experience as a president of the Parliament so far, he said that it depends.

“In some ways, the Parliament works well, on the other hand, some sectors need to be more efficient”, Pajović thinks.

Asked about parliamentary incidents of late, he said that they are ordered and planned.

“They are not coincidences. Certain political players believe that they can cause political instability and strengthen their positions in that way. It is calculated”, Pajović believes.

According to him, this can negatively influence only the perpetrators.

Commenting on Prime Minister’s statement that leadership of the Parliament needs to make citizens believe in this institution again, Pajović said that he appreciates the advice of politically experienced people.

“However, I do not need anyone telling me what my responsibilities are. The biggest incident happened in the former leadership“, Pajović said.

He said that he would take measures to prevent such situations, and no one should doubt that.

Whether he believes that culture of dialogue can find home in the Parliament again – he believes it is possible.

“The President can not do much to stop primitivism”, Pajović said.

According to him, the most that can be expected from the leadership is to make sanctions for the perpetrators.

“Tomorrow I will report those responsible, and I condemn that behaviour”, Pajović said.

He will not allow disrespect of the Parliament.

“I will do my best to succeed”, Pajovic concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro