Pajović: Montenegro will not allow chaos or the Macedonian scenario

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The President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Darko Pajović, said yesterday that the government will not allow chaos, which has already been attempted, nor the realization of the so called “Macedonian scenario” that some opposition parties want.

Commenting on the announcements from opposition parties threatening to leave the government, Pajovic said the agreement with A2A is not the reason why, but rather ignorance or incompetence.

“Half of this political alliance (Demos, URA and SDP) introduced A2A in EPCG, and thought everything was just fine. Now when they wish to leave, opposition resorts not to reason, but to insults and incidents”, said Pajović.

He argued that, perhaps, these politicians are irritated because they found out that they can no longer buy votes and employ their followers, which is why they are hiding behind alleged “protection of state interests” while threatening to leave the government in order to invoke the “Macedonian scenario”.

The President of the Assembly said this is about protection of private interests and nothing more, referring no to those “on the front line”, but those “from the background”.

Pajović emphatically said the “Macedonian scenario” will not happen in Montenegro.

“You can plan to leave the Government all you want, you can try to drag the international community into it, explaining that Montenegro is unable to remedy its political crisis – but this predictable scenario you’ve got going, to delay elections for a few months, hoping to create new chaos in this country, is nothing more than an attempt at which you will fail. Because you’ve tried it before, and it didn’t work the first time. It won’t work now.. I know you want people from outside Montenegro to “bring us peace and stability”, but we are wise and politically mature enough to preserve peace and stability in this country on our own”, concluded Pajović.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro