Pajović paid less than Krivokapić

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The Report on MPs earnings for July 2016 states that the Parliament has spent 560.640 EUR for MPs salaries in July.

An average salary goes between 1.050 and 2.100 EUR.

According to the Report, salary for the President of the Parliament Darko Pajović was 1.688 EUR in July. His predecessor Ranko Krivokapić received 1.934 EUR for the same time period.

Secretary General of the Parliament Siniša Stanković earned 1.799 EUR in July.

The most money was received by MP of SD Mubera Kurpejović, 2.226 EUR. However, the Report states that her July earnings are 1.641 EUR, while 585 EUR are corrections of earnings in May and June.

There are 17 MPs who have received more than two thousand in July. They are DF MP Predrag Bulatović and SDP MP Rifat Rastoder, each earning 2.025 EUR. Miodrag Vuković from DPS received 2.055 EUR, while his party colleague Radivoje Nikčević got 2.071 EUR. Independent MP Novica Stanić received 2.048 EUR, while Democrats members Velizar Kaluđerović and Neven Gošović got 2.040 and 2.071 EUR. Branko Radulović from DF earned 2.148 EUR, Obrad Stanišić DPS 2.010 EUR, Veljko Zarubica DPS 2.018 EUR, Ljerka Dragičević HGI 2.002 EUR, Branko Cavor DPS 2.048 EUR and Milutin Simović DPS 2.006 EUR.

Jelisava Kalezić earned 2.071 EUR In July. DPS Maja Ćatović earned 2.048 EUR, while Bosnian Party, Rešid Sijarić earned 2.012 EUR. Decision of the President made all the earnings and expenses date available at Parliament’s website.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro