Pajovic: PCG is getting ready to run in the elections on its own

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The Positive Montenegro (PCG) is getting ready to independently run in the general elections scheduled for October, the leader of the party Darko Pajovic said, adding that the party believe this was a responsible approach.

Pajovic told MINA agency that there were no talks with certain parties on jointly running in the elections.

“There were no such talks. For the time being, PCG will run in the elections independently”, Pajovic said.

According to him, if there is a valid initiative, PCG will act responsibly towards it, but outcomes of such initiatives cannot be predicted in advance.

“There are ideas according to which unifying parties of a similar profile would have a positive impact on enlarging the political entities and that it would be good in terms of clear and distinctive offer to citizens. On the other hand, PCG is preparing to run in the elections independently because it is a responsible approach”, Pajovic said.

Asked which parties are seen as the closest in terms of their programme, Pajovic said that PCG was currently dealing with their own issues not with other parties.

“What is important for us at this moment is to convey a clear message to the citizens and to provide a clear offer in terms of what can be expected from PCG. It is also important to us that the citizens, who maybe perceived us negatively after 27 January due to undemocratic media repression, understand the quality and accountability of the decisions we made and trust us”, Pajovic explained.

This is, as he said, the crucial thing for PCG at this moment.

“We are working on that, and most importantly, it is obvious that our messages are better received by the citizens every day”, he added.

Pajovic said that the offers of other parties were vague and confusing.

“In that sense, the only thing we know for certain is who we will not cooperate with in any variant”, he said.

Pajovic said PCG would not cooperate with the parties that have challenged Montenegro’s independence.

“We have clearly said that we will not cooperate with those forces”, Pajovic said.

According to him, his party will not buy the fact that these parties are trying to hide their anti-NATO stance behind the fight against the regime and to seek PCG’s support on these principles.

“So, they are not interested in essential political change, but in a fundamental change in the foreign policy course”, Pajovic said.

He said that all the parties the activities of which are based on patriotism and keeping the pro-Western and Euro-Atlantic course were potential partners of PCG.

“Those are particularly parties advocating fairness, social equality, solidarity, professionalism and responsibility”, Pajovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro