Pajović: Positive party has enabled significant changes in Montenegro

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The President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Darko Pajović, said all NATO member states are ready to ratify the protocol on the accession of Montenegro to the Alliance, adding that they are doing their best to complete the ratification process as soon as possible.

In an interview with Dnevne Novine daily, Mr. Pajović said he would not mention any specific dates, and that Montenegro needs to continue its intensive international activities.

He is traveling to Slovenia, Ljubljana, to be present at the ratification ceremony.

„It is my duty, and frankly, a great pleasure to be present in Ljubljana for this historic act. I want to personally thank MPs and all Slovenian citizens for the support they have given us“, Pajovic said, adding that one of the reasons his party opted to support the government of Milo Djukanovic on January 27 was to see NATO accession through.

„This was not the only reason why we made such a decision, but it was evident that the fall of the Government would slow, if not stop NATO integration.. Those in favor of street democracy, as well as certain parties in the parliament, led an open anti-NATO and pro-Russian policy. It is clear that we could not afford to let this play out, but it is equally certain that we wanted political changes in Montenegro. Positive Montenegro’s Plan to overcome the political crisis resulted in formation of the new government. Therefore, the decision was complex, but the essence is that we have provided political stability, confirmed the Euro-Atlantic path, and at the same time enabled important changes in Montenegro.“

DN: Is there a possibility of long-term Positive – DPS partnership?

PAJOVIĆ: I’ll be very clear: when it comes to foreign policy and strategic goals of Montenegro, we have always been partners with the DPS. It is clear that they will have us as partners in all things NATO and EU-related, and when it comes to defending Montenegro’s independence. We will be their partners when it comes to strengthening democracy, institutions and the rule of law. But at the same time, we won’t be partners for certain irresponsible, greedy and damaging behaviours exhibited by certain individuals and groups within the government. As always, we will condemn and fight against these negative behaviors. True partnerships are those based on principle, not political actors.

DN: How do you comment the announcement of the Democrats of Montenegro that they will not attend Assembly sessions as long as you are the Speaker?

PAJOVIĆ: You know what, I have to say that this is a rather interesting statement, coming from MPs who got their mandates by stealing them from their mother party. This party did not win its place in elections, and so its deputies have questionable legitimacy.. It is grotesque that they could threaten with absence from parliament and advocate boycott, because they should not be sitting in it in the first place – until they win their mandates in the elections. Therefore, from a democratic standpoint, if undemocratic and illegitimate delegates won’t take part in the work of Parliament, democracy will not be at a loss.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro