Pajović: Positive will never betray Montenegro

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Changes in Montenegro cannot be brought by political frauds who fight against the state, and the citizens must not allow such a party to win come October 16th, said Darko Pajović, leader of Positive, on their rally in Cetinje.

Pajović said that this party is asking the support of citizens in order to make changes in economy. Positive would never betray Montenegro, he said.

„We did not betray it on January 27th, when SDP and URA joined those who are against the state to change Montenegro. That is not the way of change”, Pajović said.

He said that citizens need a strong economic turn around and a state of solidarity and social justice.

„We need a country of justice. We need a country that will be a mother to all, not just some. That is why Montenegro needs Positive”, he said.

According to him, the state cannot be changed by those who are against it.

„SDP and URA are hiding it, but they would join DF on October 16th. We cannot allow that, same as we cannot allow DPS to have absolute majority”, Pajović said.

„We saved the state because we love it, not because we steal from it, and this is the way of Positive”, he said.

Positive will not give up.

„Their public research lies we leave to them, because that is their area of expertise”, he added.

Vice President of Positive, Azra Jasavić, said that Montenegro is to choose between East and West, love and hate, truth and lies, good and evil.

„Montenegro is choosing between us and them. Us, who were never leadership, and them, who lead us for 27 years. Us who are clean and untainted, and them who made Montenegro lose its glow of freedom”, Jasavić said.

She said that Positive’s plan of true change invited citizens from all walks of life to give them a chance.

„Not for us, but for Montenegro”, she said.

She said that Positive proved on January 27th that it can be a wise and brave judge.

„We defended the country from irresponsible DPS and SDP with our lives, our families, our honor. We did not do it for them, but for Montenegro”, Jasavić said.

President of Political council of Positive Ranko Đonović said that Cetinje is visited today by those who swear on it, but are preparing for frauds.

„Montenegro’s political scene today is more complicated than ever. We knew in the 90s who stands for what. In the last days, we hear of possibilities of Demos and DPS, or Demos and DF uniting”, Đonović said.

According to him, the trade took over ideas.

„Do not allow Cetinje to be cheated by anyone”, Đonović said.

DPS and DF are clear. „URA and SDP are not. They are Trojan horses in the democratic being of Montenegro, be wary of them”, Đonović said.

He said that DPS does not equal Montenegro, nor do DF and Demos.

„Do not forget that. Positive will not make the changes that will endanger the state. Positive suffered political blows for that, but we survived”, he said.

According to him, there is no dilemma “that does who receive Russian money would be happy to see their tanks on the streets”.

„Positive is here to change the leadership and everything else that is bad. Corruption, criminal, nepotism. We will change all that. Montenegro must be sacred. It is a center of all our interest”, Đonović said.

Member of Political council Milenko Perović said that all coalitions and parties lead a campaign not mentioning the matter of identity, as if everything is alright.

„Matters of identity are what keeps Montenegro together and propels it towards future”, Perović said.

He said that identity of one state is made of language, religion, culture, education and science.

He said that those who decide on those things have no vision, willingness, readiness, and that they are troubled with their own identity.

He said that he is deeply convinced that Positive had the potential to succeed on the elections and take positions in the leadership, giving way to resolution of identity issues.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro